Priory View - Dunstable

Friends of Priory View

The Friends of Priory View scheme is aimed at building a collaborative community to complement and support Priory View and all supported accommodation sites locally in order to support the residents and regular visitors when looking to book those areas which are available for hire including the restaurant, bar, meeting room and guest suites.

Join Friends of Priory View

Why Friends of Priory View?

We want to ensure that all users are given all of the necessary information in order to understand their responsibilities, and what the standards and protocols are for users when hiring facilities or staying at Priory View.

Registered members of Friends of Priory View also receive reduced rates on their bookings.

Joining fee

A one-off joining fee of £16.60 is required, which covers the cost of us managing this service and the administration that is needed for the service.

Buddy/sponsor approach

Guests will be part of a ‘buddy’ system, so that should there be an issue, we can make sure you are in the safe hands of a resident or staff member familiar with the building.

To join Friends of Priory View, you will need to be sponsored by a resident or council staff member.

Your safety

All guests will be required to take part in a mandatory safety session to familiarise themselves with fire exits and discuss any other details you need to know in the event of a safety or emergency situation arising.

Reduced costs for guest suites

The prices for the guest suites on site (2 available) are based on both peak and off-peak usage (see below). Guests may also choose another suitable site based on the preference of price, quality of accommodation and facilities. The cost of the guest suites is £56.90 per night (peak) and £45.50 per night (off peak). These are only available to hire by residents and Friends of Priory View and Central Bedfordshire Council staff.

Peak times

Peak times include:

  • bank holidays such as Christmas Day and New Year's Day (bank holidays also include the day before, e.g. Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve)
  • all Central Bedfordshire school holidays (including half term). Excludes summer holiday dates in August

Space for hire

Prices for Friends of Priory View

The cost of hiring of our spaces are discounted for Friends of Priory View:

Prices for hiring space in Priory View
Space Capacity
(Based on fire safety)
Friends of Priory View
(One-off £16.60 admin fee to join)
4 hours, then per hour
First floor 60 standing
40 seated
£80.20, then £27.70 per hour
Bar 40 £137.20, then £27.70 per hour
Restaurant 48 seated £137.20, then £27.70 per hour
Bar and restaurant combined 88 £257.80, then £27.70 per hour
Library 20 seated N/A
Snapdragon Room 12 £57.10 full day
£30.10 half day
£13.80 per hour – charities only (minimum 2 hours)