Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis

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We want to hear from you about the land at Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis, and the need for housing in the area. We’ve already started talking to local ward and town councillors and we held a listening event in November 2021 where we heard from local people about how they use Windsor Drive, and how they would like to see it used in the future. A report summarising what we heard is available here.

Windsor Drive listening event activity

During the sessions and the conversations we have had with various stakeholders, a number of people asked questions about what is possible with the land and which parts of the site, if any, could be built on. We will be commissioning site investigations during the first quarter of 2022 to help us understand this, and we will continue to engage with the public once we have a better understanding. Sign up for email updates to make sure you are kept up to date about future opportunities.

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