Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis

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Why is this area being explored?

We're keen to provide affordable homes as close to the demand as possible. This means people don't need to move away from their local area, just to access housing. This can be important for work, children in school and being close to families and support networks. 

The land could be enhanced to enable more people to enjoy the open space that is there, for example by creating an attractive woodland walk to rear of the land or integrating parking into the design to give people easier access to the open space.

Is Houghton Regis Town Council involved in bringing forward this proposal?

We're exploring the idea and are listening to the views of Houghton Regis Town Council, Friends of Windsor Drive and local residents.

What are the timescales?

We're currently exploring the idea and will listen to the views of residents before any decisions are considered.

If we progress to designing a proposal, this will be done in collaboration with local people and wouldn’t be developed until 2022. If it did go ahead, work on site would not happen until 2023. If we do proceed with the work, we'll take our time to consider how we progress, ensuring that we listen to people’s ideas and suggestions along the way. 

Has a decision already been made that the development is going to happen?

So far, we've approved a budget of £20.6 million for this development, if it does go ahead, as part of our financial planning. However, we're still exploring the idea and no decisions have been made. If we get to a stage where firm decisions are made, planning permission will be required.

Can local people influence the proposal? If so, in what ways?

We'll be holding listening events to hear from the public about the land, and the need for housing in the area. If we do progress to design stage, we will run a community engagement event similar to the one held for All Saints View, which offered residents an opportunity to comment and contribute. This would allow local people to influence the Windsor Drive proposal at an early stage.

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