Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis

What we're exploring at Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis

There is a high demand for affordable housing in Houghton Regis and we're keen to provide homes to meet this need as close to the demand as possible. Earlier this year, we announced that we're looking to explore the possibility of developing affordable homes on some of the land at Windsor Drive, and enhancing some of the open space.

Absolutely no decisions have been made since then, and we will not be developing any proposals until we have listened to the views of local people. Before we decide if we should progress to developing any proposals, we'll be listening to the views of the public. Find out how you can get involved.

If we do get to a stage where designing homes and enhanced open space becomes a possibility, we will engage local people in that process, and provide an opportunity to say how best the land should be developed.

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