If you're at risk of becoming homeless

Coronavirus and homelessness

Our Housing Options Team is still in operation and demand on this service is very high.

If you need help because you are threatened with homelessness or are homeless:

  1. tell us online (please tell us as much information as possible, so we can respond as efficiently as we can)
  2. we'll phone you to assess your case and refer you for a full assessment (by telephone) if required

If you don't have anywhere to sleep tonight

If you do not have anywhere to sleep tonight call us on 0300 300 4370 during office hours. If we're closed, please call 0300 300 8098. You can speak to someone 24/7, 365 days per year.

Office hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 5pm
  • Friday from 8:30am to 4pm

Refer yourself to us

If you are homeless or concerned about your housing situation you can make a self-referral to the council by clicking the Self-Referral to Housing Options button below and completing the online referral.

Self-Referral to Housing Options

How to refer yourself

  1. register on housingjigsaw
  2. once you've registered, select Central Bedfordshire from the local authority drop down list: 
    Choosing your local authority on housing jigsaw
  3. choose the homelessness module: 
    Choose the homelessness module
  4. fill in the rest of your information and choose at least one contact method
  5. answer the questions about your housing situation, ensuring you give as much detail as possible

What happens next

You'll get an acknowledgement email within 24 hours (not bank holidays or weekends). We'll then contact you within 3 working days to discuss your situation with you.

If we can't get hold of you, please contact us within 2 working days, or we will close your referral.

How to contact us

Telephone: 0300 300 4370 

What homeless means

Our priority is to help you to avoid becoming or remaining homeless.

You don't have to be sleeping on the streets or not have a roof over your head to be considered homeless.

You could be considered homeless if you are:

  • at risk of losing your home
  • been illegally evicted
  • living in accommodation that's in a very poor condition
  • staying with friends or 'sofa surfing' 

When we'll help

Under the Homelessness Reduction Act (2017), we will help you if you're homeless or threatened with homelessness to secure suitable accommodation, regardless of whether you're intentionally homeless or have a priority need. We will help by negotiating with the people you live with, or your landlord. We'll give you advice, or help you find another home quickly.

If you have a priority need and we cannot stop you from becoming or remaining homeless, we may offer temporary housing while we consider if we have a duty to provide longer term housing. In the first instance, this is likely to be hostel-type accommodation and it may not be in the Central Bedfordshire area.

If we do have a duty to re-house you, the next step will be to offer you suitable longer-term accommodation. This could be with a private landlord, us or a housing association.

This video will help you to decide what action you can take if you are at risk of becoming homeless.