Apply for an upper school place

Changing your mind about an upper school place

If you would like to change the school preferences on your application, or the order you have listed them, you need to complete a change of preference form which is available on our website (or we can post one out to you on request). Changes received before or on the 31 October 2019 will be processed as on-time, your application will be amended to reflect the changes and these will be considered in the allocation.

If you make a change to your application from 31 October 2019, these changes will not be processed until the late allocation round. Your original application will be processed in the on-time allocation as normal, we will write to you with the results of the original allocation on offer day, and the application will not be amended until after this time. The late changes of preference will be processed in the late allocation rounds.      

Making a change of preference means:

  • any previous preferences will be discarded on submission of the form
  • if a place can be offered at any of the new preference schools, the original offer will be automatically withdrawn
  • if you want your child to stay on the waiting list(s) for school(s) at which you have been declined for, you need to include this as higher preferences on the form