Dunstable - giving back your high street

The plans for Dunstable High Street

Our goal is for Dunstable’s town centre to thrive and be an inviting place for people to spend their time visiting shops and tourist attractions, now and in the future.

To achieve this, we are aiming to:

  • create a more pleasant, safer and attractive environment for pedestrians 

  • improve accessibility between and within different parts of the town centre to help people visit shops and therefore benefit the local retailers 

  • improve the flow of traffic in the centre of town, but giving the highest priority to the pedestrian

  • improve the identity of the High Street and create a more traditional market town centre that reflects the unique history of the town
  • incorporate sustainable drainage solutions as part of the overall town centre design. For example we will include ‘rainwater gardens’ (where trees are planted along the pavement and central reservation area and excess storm water is led to the trees) and permeable paving (where the excess surface water seeps through the top layers to the ground or an underground drain or tank below)

What’s next

Some of these improvements have been made, but others will take longer and will be dependent on securing funding (long term plans).