Dunstable - giving back your high street

Feedback from research on how to improve Dunstable

In 2016 we asked you for your ideas for how to improve Dunstable. We asked what would encourage you to spend more time in Dunstable High Street, and how we can make crossing Dunstable High Street safer. We also asked you which areas of Dunstable we could make it easier to get to.

You told us you wanted to prioritise pedestrians, as they are the ones spending their money in the shops and businesses, through:

  • more and better caf├ęs
  • wider pavements
  • more greenery
  • more public areas and places to sit
  • removing railings so pedestrians can get to different areas around town
  • better traffic lights (systems / less traffic lights / better sequencing of lights)
  • more art and sculptures, and more emphasis on the historical features within the town

The original plan went to Executive in February 2018 (link opens in new window) and your feedback was received in November 2017. We have analysed your feedback to our survey and the results (PDF 606.4KB) are now available for residents to view.

You can also read about the coming short-term and long-term changes to Dunstable High Street.