Financial Investigation Unit

Financial Investigations Unit

Central Bedfordshire Council FIU assists prosecuting authorities to recover criminal assets. Our aim is to take back the profits of crime, and we have an unrivalled success rate covering a wide range of prosecutions. We can:

  • assist in criminal investigations, helping identity further offending, such as money laundering
  • seize cash and assist in the execution of warrants
  • we help ensure confiscation orders are enforceable with default sentences attached
  • look at individual cases to provide an accurate assessment of the potential for confiscation

We work both locally and with local authorities and agencies across England and Wales. Our experience, knowledge and expertise in law enforcement and confiscation arena lets us provide a ‘can and will do’ approach, with FI investigations conducted at no cost to the prosecuting authority.

We have carried out numerous financial investigations resulting in confiscation orders and incentivisation money being awarded to the prosecuting authorities. We have worked in a variety of areas including intellectual property, money laundering, planning, environment (illegal dumping, pollution, etc.), animal welfare, fraud and housing benefit.

Our team

The team comes from a variety of law enforcement backgrounds - including police, trading standards and environmental health. Our staff levels allow for a large volume of investigations to be undertaken. We have staff located strategically across the UK and have provided a service of expertise throughout the regions

How we work

We carry out all the investigation work required for the confiscation hearing after a criminal conviction.

Once a confiscation order has been granted, the money confiscated is shared between the government, court service, the prosecutor and the financial investigators. Both the prosecutor and the FIU receive a share of 18.75%, which can be reinvested at a local level to support crime prevention.