Transfer to Secondary School 2018

Transferring to secondary school on religious / faith grounds

Some schools give a priority for admission to practising members of a religion or faith. You will need to submit a confirmation of religious affiliation form which has been signed by your religious / faith leader to apply on these grounds.

The following Church of England schools have priority for religious criteria as part of their admissions policy:

  • Manshead CE Academy

If you want to apply for any of these schools on religious or faith grounds you need to ask your priest, minister or faith leader to complete the Church of England Confirmation of Religious Affiliation form (PDF 202.5KB) and return it to the School Admissions Team.

If you are applying for a religious school in another area please check with the relevant School Admissions Team to see if you need to complete a supplementary information form to support your application.

Data protection

If you choose to email your completed form, please note that email is not a secure medium. We strongly recommend that you encrypt your form and send us the password on a separate email.