Salting and gritting - winter road gritting and salt bins

Snow clearing volunteers

You can help your community by clearing snow from paths. The Met Office Snow Code (link opens in new window) provides some useful guidelines.

We also encourage local communities to create Winter Salting Groups to clear snow and help spread salt on minor roads and pavements not covered by our gritting routes.

You can form a team of volunteers and contact your town or parish council to register interest in setting up a Winter Salting Group. You’ll be able to use your local knowledge to work out the locations such as schools where salting is a priority.

Volunteers can be covered under Bedfordshire and Luton Emergency Volunteers Executive Partnership (BLEVEP) policy provided by Zurich. You simply need to complete the registration form (PDF 9.1KB) , work in a safe and sensible manner as part of a co-ordinated volunteer scheme, follow the Volunteer Health and Safety brief (PDF 23.5KB) , and have read the snow code.