Electric vehicles

Electric vehicle charge points in Central Bedfordshire

We receive lots of requests to install new electric vehicle charge points. We aim to have a properly coordinated network of charging points across Central Bedfordshire that will give you the confidence to use electric vehicles.

To help us understand where to prioritise the installation of charge points, we need to hear from you.

Do you have to park your electric vehicle in the road?

Find out how to sign up for our free pilot scheme, that could help you to charge your car safely.

Where to find a charging point, now

Visit Zap Map to find out where charging points are already available.

The future for electric vehicles

The number of electric vehicle drivers is growing. We're keen to encourage the uptake of these vehicles as a more environmentally friendly alternative to petrol or diesel.

Over the coming year, we'll also look at increasing the geographic spread and availability of charge points across our area, focusing on public car parks and our key buildings, like leisure centres.

We're committed to tackling the climate challenge and making our areas more sustainable. Our Sustainability Plan (PDF) recognises the significant benefits of electric vehicles, particularly in relation to air quality, public health and the reduction of carbon emissions. Usage of electric vehicles in our area, alongside the demand for charging infrastructure, is also increasing.

Electric Vehicle Charge Point Plan

In June 2021, we adopted our Electric Vehicle Charge Point Plan (PDF). This sets out the approach that we will take to support the delivery of the necessary infrastructure to encourage the increased uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs).