Crematorium near Flitwick

The design for the crematorium

Steppingley has a central location within Central Bedfordshire, allowing for easy access for all residents.

The law requires new crematoria to be a minimum of 200 yards (183 metres) from any dwelling or within 50 yards (46 metres) of any public road, which means that they are often in a countryside location.

It will be at the suggested location off Fordfield Road, tucked well away from sight. There would be additional landscaping so that the building will not impact on the landscape. The building will have a contemporary, attractive design.

A new footpath will be built to the south of the Crematorium site connecting to Froghall Road, for the potential for visitors arriving by bus or from Flitwick Train station.

Tree-lined approach towards the entrance

Tree lined approach

Internal view of the service hall

Internal view of the service hall

External view from the walk of reflection

External view from walk of reflection