East of England Aggregate Working Party

Dates of meetings and minutes

13 June 2019


Draft minutes

6 February 2019

Agenda (PDF 117.4KB)

Agreed minutes

24 October 2018

Agenda (PDF 11.9KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 224.9KB)

13 June 2018

Agenda (PDF 48.3KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 87.3KB)

7 February 2018

Agenda (PDF 261.6KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 77.8KB)

18 October 2017

Agenda (PDF 9.6KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 82.1KB)

11 October 2017

Minutes of National Chairs Co-ordinating Group (PDF 253KB)

14 June 2017

Agenda (PDF 121.4KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 248.8KB)

8 February 2017

Agenda (PDF 66.6KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 204.7KB)

2 November 2016

Agenda (PDF 67.2KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 205.5KB)

29 June 2016

Agenda (PDF 66.6KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 190.5KB)

25 February 2016

Agenda (PDF 72.3KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 235.7KB)

22 October 2015

Agenda (PDF 131.5KB)

Agreed minutes (PDF 240.1KB)

5 February 2015

Agenda (PDF 44.4KB)

Draft minutes (PDF 62.4KB)

Local Plan update sheet (PDF 13KB)

2 October 2014

Agenda (PDF 20.4KB)

Draft minutes (PDF 157.5KB)

Local Plan update sheet (PDF 75.2KB)

5 June 2014

Draft minutes (PDF 52.3KB)

Finalised minutes (PDF 50.2KB)

29 January 2014

Agenda (PDF 82.6KB)

Draft minutes (PDF 131.7KB)

Final minutes (PDF 133.4KB)


26 July 2013


Agenda (PDF 83.9KB)

Draft minutes (PDF 39KB)

Proposed Local Aggregates Assessments Checklist (PDF 106.7KB)

Finalised minutes (PDF 277KB) (PDF 106.7KB)

24 January 2013

Agenda (PDF 36KB)

Draft minutes (PDF 40.1KB)

Cross boundary planning discussion (PDF 39.7KB)

Marine planning newsletter (PDF 56.4KB)

SEEAWP draft response to London (PDF 14.2KB)

Finalised minutes (PDF 40.1KB)