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Local Plan - overview

New villages at Marston Vale

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Local Plan - consultation on additional evidence

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Up to 5,000 new homes, community facilities and services, plus a minimum of 40ha of employment land.

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Where will this development be?

The plan is to develop a series of up to four villages and a business park west of Marston Moretaine, north of Lidlington and east of Brogborough. The site’s boundary is the new A421 in the north, and the Marston Vale railway line in the south.

Map - new villages at Marston Vale (PDF 3.1MB)

Watch our video to see what will be in this development, or read more detail below.

What will be included in the development?

The proposed villages would deliver part of the Bedford to Milton Keynes Waterway Park and a waterway linking Brogborough and Stewartby lakes. This would bring opportunities for leisure, tourism and wildlife. The proposals include green open space within the new villages and tree planting for the Forest of Marston Vale.

The villages will provide:

  • homes for everyone, including affordable housing, starter homes, self/custom build plots and homes to meet all identified needs for older people
  • a healthcare facility and an Integrated Health and Care Hub which includes space for a GP surgery *
  • a mix of retail, a library and at least one drinking establishment
  • day nurseries, early years, school and sixth form facilities
  • indoor sport and leisure facilities
  • outdoor sport, leisure and open space, including pavilions and allotments
  • improvements at J13 of the M1 and the Marsh Leys roundabout
  • public transport routes through the development that link with key destinations including Ridgmont Train Station and employment areas
  • improvements at Ridgmont Railway Station, including public transport interchange facilities and car parking
  • pedestrian and cycle links from the new and existing villages
  • country parks
  • a waterway connecting Brogborough and Stewartby Lakes
  • a cycleway from Stewartby Lake to Ridgmont Railway Station which shall include appropriately designed crossings over the waterway
  • 30% tree cover across the villages

* The council can provide land and a building for GP surgeries, however the provision of GPs and other medical services is the responsibility of the NHS.

In addition to this strategic development, the Local Plan also includes a site in Marston Moretaine for 63 new homes. You can view a map of the site online (PDF 825.3KB) .

The new high-tech business park will include:

  • research and development
  • office
  • distribution
  • manufacturing
  • services and tourism

How will the development be progressed?

There will be further engagement and consultation with the local community to develop a Masterplan for the development in the future. This will be an opportunity to discuss specific facilities and details.

The actual build will be phased: not all of the homes will be built in one go, it is likely to take several years. The timing will be aligned with the supporting infrastructure and community facilities.

We will continue to engage with central government to seek improvements to the A421 to support growth. The proposed East-West Railway and the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway will also benefit this development.