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Local Plan - overview

Main modifications consultation (Local Plan)

Consultation closed: Midday on Wednesday 5 May 2021
Consultation opened: 10am on Friday 19 March 2021

The summaries of the representations received to the Main Modifications consultation and the Council’s responses to the issues raised can be viewed at EXAM 142 (PDF) in the examination documents.

All representations made to the Main Modifications consultation have been read, collated and forwarded to the Inspectors for review.

We received 775 representations in response to the consultation.

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As part of an Examination process, planning Inspectors may recommend Main Modifications (changes that materially affect the plan’s policies) to make a submitted local plan sound and legally compliant. These Proposed Main Modifications must be published for public consultation, so the Inspectors have an opportunity to consider any representations on the proposals prior to publishing their report on the plan.

What we consulted on

We consulted on the Proposed Main Modifications, along with a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) Addendum that consider any relevant implications of the modifications, along with a document that illustrates any changes that are proposed to the policies map.

The consultation documents consist of the following published documents

Supporting documents (not part of the consultation)

In addition to the consultation documents, we also published additional modifications, which are more minor in nature and do not affect the plan’s soundness or legal compliance. These did not form part of the consultation but are available to view, for information purposes.

View or download proposed additional modifications document (PDF)

A ‘strikethrough’ version of the Local Plan, is available to assist understanding of the modifications being proposed. Main Modifications are highlighted in green and Additional (minor) Modifications are highlighted in yellow. Reference numbers reflect those within the Modifications schedules.

View or download Local Plan strikethrough document, March 2021 (PDF)

Please note: This consultation was confined to the specifically stated Proposed Main Modifications, which were put forward without prejudice to the Inspector’s final conclusions on the plan; and on the associated supporting documents. It wasn't an opportunity to restate points previously made, to raise new representations to the submitted Local Plan or to seek further changes to the plan.

More information

View or download statement of representations (PDF)

View or download questions and answers (PDF)

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