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Local Plan - overview

Consultation on additional evidence

The Council submitted its Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate in March 2018. The Local Plan sets out a policy framework to guide development across the Council area up-to 2035, including to support the delivery of housing, employment and infrastructure.

The Local Plan is now at the Examination stage where independent Planning Inspectors consider if the plan meets the appropriate requirements and if it can be adopted. This process has already involved public hearings that took place in May to July 2019.

All the stages of the examination are available on our website.

We have also produced a guidance note on how to respond and some FAQs.

Additional evidence

In order to address follow up questions  raised by the Planning Inspectors in their letter dated 30 September 2019 (Exam 69), additional evidence was submitted to the Inspectors and made available on our website at the end of May.

The additional evidence consists of the following documents:

  • Employment Technical Paper (EXAM 112)
  • Housing Technical Paper (EXAM 113)
  • Transport Technical Paper (EXAM 114)
  • Sustainability Appraisal of the CBC Local Plan – Supplementary Report (EXAM 115).
  • Prologis Park Marston Gate Expansion Scheme Comparison Document (EXAM 106)
  • Sundon Rail Freight Interchange Alternative Site Assessment (EXAM 107)
  • Biggleswade Holme Farm Planning Design & Delivery Analysis Report (EXAM 108)
  • Employment Land Update (EXAM 109)
  • North Luton LVIA Addendum (EXAM 110)
  • Statement of Common Ground between Highways England and Central Bedfordshire Council (EXAM 111)

These documents are all available on our website and were the subject of the consultation.

Exam 117 provides an overview of the modifications being suggested by the Council as a result of this additional evidence.


The consultation on the additional evidence documents has now closed. This ran from 10am 18 June to 5pm 12 August 2020, extended to eight weeks from the more typical six weeks to make it easier for people to respond during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is an ongoing Examination and all previous comments are still relevant and have been taken into consideration. All new representations on the additional evidence have been reviewed by the Council and sent to the Inspectors.

You can view the documents and latest representations submitted to the Council.

View documents and representations

We have also produced a guidance note on how to view representations using our online consultation system.

View or download guidance note on viewing representations (PDF)

Decision making following consultation

All responses to the consultation have been forwarded to the Planning Inspectors to assist their deliberations and they will determine if further Hearing Sessions are required later in the year.

It will be for the Inspectors to recommend any Main Modifications to the Local Plan if they consider these are necessary to make the plan sound. In doing so, the Inspectors will also take into account all comments and representations that have been made throughout the Local Plan process.

Draft modifications to the Local Plan

The Council has offered some draft proposed changes (modifications) in an effort to assist the Planning Inspectors in their deliberations. These are included in the three technical papers, and also formed part of the consultation. 

It will be matter for the Planning Inspectors to recommend Main Modifications later in the process that they consider are necessary to make the plan sound. Any Main Modifications will be subject to separate consultation at a later date.