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18 June 2020

Following the public Examination of Central Bedfordshire’s Local Plan last summer, the Planning Inspector asked the Council a number of questions. 

In order to address these questions additional evidence has been submitted to the Inspectors and is now available on our website for comment


All of the information relating to the public Examination is available on our website

30 April 2018

The Central Bedfordshire Local Plan was submitted to government. It will now be subject to an independent examination by a planning inspector.

30 April 2018

The Central Bedfordshire Local Plan was submitted to government. It will now be subject to an independent examination by a planning inspector.

The examination is likely to include a series of hearings on what the inspector deems to be critical issues affecting the Local Plan. Respondents who have made representations proposing changes to the Local Plan in order to make it sound and legally-compliant may be invited to participate in a hearing. The selected respondents will be contacted by the planning inspector’s programme officer once the hearing timetable has been finalised.

19 April 2018

We’ve published a report to recommend to Full Council (on 26 April) that councillors authorise the submission of the Local Plan for examination. After that, a planning inspector will review the documents and set a timetable for our Local Plan to be heard at public examination.

20 March 2018

We've published our position statement regarding the proposed power station, at Millbrook.

19 March 2018

We've published our position statement regarding the proposed waste to energy facility at Rookery South Pit, south of Stewartby.

11 January 2018 (10am) – 22 February 2018 (5pm): We published the pre-submission Local Plan for consultation. All objections and comments (called representations) will be sent to the appointed Inspector to be considered during the examination of the Local Plan.

Following this consultation, the Local Plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State for an examination. This means the Local Plan and all supporting documents and all of the representations received will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate. A planning inspector will then undertake examination of the Local Plan to check that it is legally compliant and suitable to guide development in the area. Importantly, the inspector will only consider representations made on the pre-submission Local Plan, neither we or any individuals can comment at this stage. Anyone who has made representations during the development of the plan will be invited to add further information and/or appear at the hearings which are public sessions where evidence can be considered by the inspector. The inspector will then write a report with recommendations, and after this we will be able to adopt the Local Plan.

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There are formal requirements for notification and consultation under the Town and Country Planning Regulations 2012 which governs the Local Plan making process. There will be a number of opportunities for you to get involved in helping to shape where you live.

11 January 2018 (10am) – 22 February 2018 (5pm): We published the pre-submission Local Plan for consultation.

News to date

November 2017: Responses (representations) to the draft Local Plan consultation (reg. 18) published

6,828 comments were made on the draft Local Plan during the consultation.

4,459 of these comments were made through the website, 1,780 were sent in by email and 589 comments were made through letters.

All of these comments have now been published online and are available for anyone to read.

November 2017: Representative telephone survey results published

During the statutory consultation on the draft Local Plan we also undertook a telephone survey.   

The telephone survey was conducted to compliment the Regulation 18 consultation. The key aim of this research was to understand the views of a representative sample (1,222) of Central Bedfordshire residents on the principles of the Plan.

October 2017: Updated schedule for the Local Plan.

Last month, the government’s long awaited consultation which included new methodology for calculating housing need was published. The housing need figure for Central Bedfordshire that was generated by this standardised approach represents a 60% increase on our current housing need calculation.

At Full Council on 28 September 2017, Members voted unanimously in support of a motion to robustly challenge the proposed new methodology through the consultation process, on the basis that it is neither deliverable nor reasonable.

As a responsible local authority, we need to also anticipate the possibility that the new methodology may be imposed. Were the government to uphold its proposed methodology, this would apply to local authorities not proposing to submit Plans by 31 March 2018. In order to limit the negative implications of this the timetable has been updated and allows for consultation on the next version of the Local Plan (Reg. 19) from 10 January – 21 February 2018 and submission of the Local Plan in March 2018.

Read the full Executive paper

May 2017: Due to the announcement of a general election on June 8 2017, we have moved the June Executive meeting to June 20 2017 and, subject to Executive approval, the draft Local Plan will then be published for consultation on July 4 2017 until August 29 2017.

March 2017: The Local Plan was paused pending the publication of the housing white paper which was published on 7 February. Having now considered the implications, the Local Plan timetable has been adjusted and a report on the draft plan will be taken to Executive on 6 June 2017. It is anticipated (subject to Executive approval) that the plan will be published for consultation from the end of June for 8 weeks. Our Overview and Scrutiny Committee will also be consulted during this consultation period.

December 2016: We intend to hold fire on publishing our Draft Local Plan (originally scheduled for January 2017). This is due to an anticipated Housing White Paper from the government, scheduled for January, which may have implications – for all local authorities – in terms of the number of homes we may be required to accommodate and on the process for development of the Local Plan. Read more about this decision under Local Plan 2015-2035.

November 2016: The Shaping Central Bedfordshire consultation closed 1 November. We will now collate this feedback and use it to inform the Draft Local Plan.

October 2016: We began the first two of 15 community planning events, which take place across Central Bedfordshire.

August 2016: Following the release of the ‘call for sites’ we gave agents and landowners a limited period of time in which to check that their submissions had been recorded accurately on the maps and schedules that were published on the website.

This process threw up a small number of changes in proportion to the overall number of sites and we have now updated the maps and schedules accordingly. Sites have been added to the parishes of:

July 2016: We held a workshop for town and parish councils on 13 July. Download the town and parish council presentation slides (PDF 1.6MB) .

July 2016: We held a workshop for stakeholders on 14 July. Download the stakeholder presentation slides (PDF 1.3MB) .

July 2016: The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (PDF 676.6KB) has been published for consultation.

June 2016: The draft site assessment criteria have been published for consultation. Once approved, these criteria will be used to assess the sites received through the 2014/2015 and 2016 call for sites.

May 2016: List of all sites submitted to 2014/15 and 2016 Calls for sites released.

February to April 2016: Call for Sites to landowners in Central Bedfordshire.

February 2016: Local Development Scheme (PDF 782.6KB) showing the programme for the New Local Plan approved for publication under delegated powers.

February 2016: New Local Plan for Central Bedfordshire launched.

November 2015: Development Strategy withdrawn at full Council.