Restricting permitted development in Fairfield

Proposals to restrict permitted development in Fairfield

Permitted development is development which is allowed to take place without the need to apply to us for planning permission.

We consulted on a proposed restriction of permitted development in Fairfield, through something called an Article 4 Direction.

The aim is to protect the architectural quality and design of existing dwellings in the settlement of Fairfield and ensure development is in line with the Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan (Fairfield Parish Council website).

The Article 4 Direction, if agreed, will mean that from 5 January 2021, dwellings will no longer be able to be changed in the following ways, without submitting a planning application:

  • enlargements to roofs (for example a dormer window)
  • additional storeys to roofs of dwellings
  • erection or construction of a porch outside any external door of a dwelling

Households wishing to make these changes will be required to make a planning application for permission. Any such planning application will be considered against various criteria including, most importantly, the Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan (Fairfield Parish Council website).

The Article 4 Direction does not relate to the dwellings which make up the converted former hospital.


The Parish of Fairfield was established in 2013 and is made up of the Fairfield Park development and the former Fairfield Hospital (a grade II listed building) with associated land and buildings. The development, when it was originally conceived, was controlled through a planning and design brief which closely controlled the design of the development. This has led to a development that has received recognition for the quality of the architecture and public realm through the achievement of the Building for Life Gold Status in 2010.

The Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan (Fairfield Parish Council website), which we've adopted, sets out clear design criteria for extensions to dwellings which is heavily influenced by the planning and design brief of the original development. However, because permitted development can be carried out without the need to apply for planning permission, there is no requirement for households to consider or comply with the neighbourhood plan.

We're concerned about the impact that roof enlargements and porch extensions, constructed under permitted development rights, have had and will continue to have on the architectural quality and design of built form in Fairfield.


The Article 4 direction was confirmed by the Executive Committee on 5 January 2021. The Article 4 direction was sealed on 12 February 2021. A copy of the Direction can be viewed here.

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Consultation closed: 26 October 2020
Consultation opened: 14 September 2020

Any comments received will be considered by the Executive as part of its decision whether or not to proceed with implementing the Article 4 Direction.