Design Guide and Urban design

Design Guide

Our Design Guide sets out the key principles and standards to ensure all new development is of the highest quality. It is supported by other guidance on specific areas such as:

  • Sustainable Drainage Systems
  • Local Transport Plans and Strategies
  • Landscape Character Guidance

It was adopted on 18 March 2014 as technical guidance for Development Management purposes.

The documents were formally published on 1 September 2014 after undergoing amendments in light of comments made by Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Executive and through public consultation.

It sets out the key principles and standards to ensure the delivery of high quality design in Central Bedfordshire and the Council’s expectations in relation to:

  • layout
  • street developments
  • parking provision
  • home dimensions

It is a material consideration in the determination of planning applications and should be used to guide all types of new development in Central Bedfordshire.

It is in 10 parts. One core document and 9 accompanying themed supplements.