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Community Infrastructure Levy

CIL, is a means of charging and collecting developer contributions to ensure that new community infrastructure, such as roads, schools and health care facilities, can be provided to keep pace with local population growth.

CIL, which is discretionary, is set locally and operates as a standard charge per square metre of net new floorspace applied to almost all developments. Buildings into which people do not normally go however are excluded and certain developments such as social housing and building used by charities may gain relief. The charge, imposed at the time planning permission is granted, becomes liable for payment at the commencement of development.

Section 106 contributions / Planning Obligations will continue to operate for affordable housing provision and in a reduced form for specific site related mitigation measures, such as a new access road or children's play area, necessary to make a development acceptable.

The Central Bedfordshire CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule was published for a 6 week consultation period on 14 January 2013. The second stage of consultation, the publication of the Draft Charging Schedule, was carried out in the summer of 2015. We are currently reviewing the schedule following the withdrawal of the Development Strategy in November 2015. There is no agreed timescale for future work at this stage (February 2019).

If you have any questions about CIL please do not hesitate to call us on 0300 300 8307 or email