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Planning validation checklists and forms

What you will need when submitting a planning application

The information that we require to determine a planning application is set out within the following checklists.

It is important that you go through the checklist relevant to your application type prior to the submission of your application.

Please note: Applications will be validated against national requirements, but we ask that in order to avoid any delays in getting a decision to you please refer to our additional requirements list and provide the necessary plans/documents for your application.

Our preferred method of receiving applications is via the Planning Portal.

If you choose to download the application form, you must ensure that it is the correct application form for your application type. Help can be found on the checklists.

We still accept applications in paper format, but please be informed that we will scan the application on receipt and dispose of the paper copies. We only require one set.


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The application process will start when all of the validation requirements that are relevant to your application type, including the fee, have been received. It will take longer for you to receive a decision if items that are required are not provided.

On receipt of a valid application

  • your application will be logged onto our planning system
  • it will be assigned to a validation officer
  • if you have sent in everything that is needed your application will be made valid and we will send you an acknowledgement letter
  • we will then consult adjoining neighbours for householder applications and a larger group of neighbours for other application types we will also consult statutory consultees, this will depend on where your property is
  • your application now appears on our online planning register
  • it will then be passed to a planning officer to determine

If your application isn't complete

In the event that something has been omitted, or something that has been provided is incorrect, we will contact the applicant or the planning agent acting on behalf of the applicant explaining what is needed to make the application valid. We ask for outstanding / corrected information to be provided within 60 days.

The letter we send you outlines the information that is either incorrect or missing. Please make sure that this is provided to us via PDF attachment to the email address on the letter. We are unable to receive revisions via the Planning Portal. If you do submit your changes via the Planning Portal, these will not be accepted.

If you want to talk to us about your incomplete application, email with your case number and reason for enquiry and we will call you back.

If a registered application remains invalid for a period of 60 days or greater, we will retain a portion of the application fee to cover the administrative costs incurred. Every attempt will be made to contact the applicant or agent to ensure validation can be completed within the 60 day period before any charge is applied.

Charges for incomplete applications not amended in time

Please see the invalidation fee schedule below:

  • householder, advertisement and prior notification applications: £25
  • minor and similar applications: £50
  • major and similar complex applications: £250

For circumstances outside of the applicant's control, it may be possible to extend the validation period, but this will require prior agreement with us.

Please note: If you have omitted or incorrectly submitted 3 or more validation items, we will be unable to proceed with your application and will suggest that you consult a planning agent to help you. If you have made payment at this stage, we will arrange a refund.