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Pre-application planning advice for developments which aren't residential extensions or alterations

Pre-application advice can help to:

  • give you an understanding of how an application will be judged against the policies in the development plan
  • identify where there is a need for specialist surveys/reports/requirements relating to trees or landscape, traffic, land liable to flood, and anticipate other regulatory requirements
  • indicate where a proposal is completely unacceptable to us, saving the costs of finalising an application
  • give an indication of the likely requirement for contributions

The fee for development pre-application advice depends on the type of development proposed.

Fees for developments - VAT applicable at standard rate
Category Type of development Fee including VAT Net fee
1 50 or more dwellings - speak to a Planning Officer about undertaking a planning performance agreement (PPA) £2,457.60 plus £120 per additional dwelling £2,048 plus £100 per additional dwelling
2 3000m sq plus or 30 to 49 dwellings £2,457.60 £2,048
3 2000m sq to 2999m sq or 20 to 29 dwellings £1,474.80 £1,229
4 1000m sq to 1999m sq or 10 to 19 dwellings £982.80 £819
5 Under 1000m sq or 5 to 9 £614.40 £512
6 2 to 4 dwellings £307.20 £256
7 1 dwelling, including replacement dwellings £184.80 £154

Please note: if your proposed development would benefit from environmental health advice there will be an additional charge. This is calculated at 20% of the above fee. You will be contacted separately and advised of this before any work is undertaken.

If your development does not fall into the above categories, please contact us to discuss a fee for pre-application advice. This is not likely to cost more than £500 plus VAT.

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Processing times and what is included

  • categories 1 to 4: 8-week process, up to two hours of officer meeting time, a written response, full consultation with relevant planning consultees
  • categories 5 to 6: 28-day process, up to an hour of officer meeting time, a written response, full consultation with relevant planning consultees
  • category 7: 28-day process, a written response, full consultation with relevant planning consultees

As part of the pre-application advice service we will provide:

  • a written response to your request for pre-application advice which will be considered against any subsequent planning application
  • information on key planning policies and previous planning decisions
  • named contacts
  • informal comments and guidance, without prejudice, on the content, construction and presentation of an application likely to meet planning policies
  • advice on the documents to be submitted and procedures with your planning application

Seeking pre-application advice may help you get a quicker positive decision once your planning application is submitted. Where pre-application advice is either not sought or adhered to, planning applications are likely to be determined without negotiation.