Make a planning application

Do you need planning permission?

The planning portal has a range of project planning, building and completion advice. This includes an interactive house for visual guidance on permitted development and many common households. projects. Mini guides also provide project-specific advice on the most common household improvements.

The common projects page provides guidance on 52 different common building projects for the home. There is guidance on both planning permission and building regulations rules for projects such as:

We recommend pre-application advice to help you with your project. We offer this advice for all developments including extensions and alterations to residential properties. There is a fee for these services.

Archaeology, heritage and conservation

We protect character, appearance and wildlife within Central Bedfordshire. This means there are certain situations where additional planning permission or licensing may be required before work can take place.

Building control

Building regulations are the minimum standards for design, construction and alterations for effectively every building. These regulations are different to planning regulations; find out more information about building control.

Highways development management: Section 38 road adoption agreements

If your development serves five or more dwellings, we will consider adopting new roads as highway maintainable at the public expense.

For more information, please see our Highways Construction Standards and Specifications Guidance.

Find out more about highways development management.