Inspiring Volunteering: a grant from Cheering Volunteering

Guidance for Inspiring Volunteering grant applications

The grant scheme

A total funding pot of £5,000 has been secured to be spent on local voluntary and community sector community projects that meet the criteria listed below. Grant awards will be made from a minimum of £100 to a maximum of £1,000.

Applications for financial assistance can be made by any group or organisation providing that the project they wish to spend the money on is located within Central Bedfordshire and / or will support primarily the residents of Central Bedfordshire. 

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The following guidance is intended to inform those groups interested in applying for financial assistance from the Inspiring Volunteering grant scheme. Find out how to apply.

What can be funded?

Funding should be used to inspire volunteering through the purchase of equipment that encourages / kick-starts new activities involving volunteers.

The types of work that we could fund include (list not exclusive):

  • projects that combat loneliness 
  • activities that reduce anti-social behaviour and engage young people in positive activities
  • work to develop parenting skills 
  • help with school readiness 
  • initiatives to raise self-esteem
  • initiatives that help inspire healthy living / active lifestyles / health and wellbeing

The equipment must be purchased by 31 March 2023.

What we will not fund?

  • revenue or running costs such as salaries, etc
  • a contribution to the cost of a piece of equipment costing more than £1,000 (unless you already have the rest of the funding required in place)
  • items you cannot demonstrate a genuine need for; you cannot use the fund to stockpile equipment for future use
  • projects where the cost of the equipment has already been incurred (before June 2022)
  • projects where those benefiting do not live and/or volunteer in Central Bedfordshire
  • awards will not be made to support the furtherance of religion (although we do make grants to community projects led by local religious groups) or political activities

Who can we fund?

We will only fund voluntary organisations, community groups, charities and not-for-profit organisations. Your organisation must have a constitution or other governing document, and a governing body or committee of least three unrelated people. 

Organisations must have UK-based bank account in the name of the organisation that requires at least two unrelated signatories to operate the account. 

Applicants must be based in Central Bedfordshire and / or be conducting activities in the area.

Who will we not fund?

Applications from individuals, public sector organisations or private businesses.

Organisations sponsoring the Central Bedfordshire Cheering Volunteering Awards.


Guidance and application forms published: 20 April 2022
Deadline for submission of applications: 20 May 2022
All applicants notified of final decisions: June 7 2022
Project delivery begins: after June 7 2022 
Project completion: on or before 31 March 2023

The organisers cannot enter into correspondence on the merits of a particular grant application while it is being considered or if it does not succeed, and the decision of the panel is final.

If you need help to complete your application form, you can contact the Community Voluntary Service at

You can also email if you have any queries about the grant scheme.

Monitoring and accountability

Each recipient will be required to submit a short report (2 sides of A4) on the outcomes achieved, with a breakdown of the funding spent. The recipient organisation will be ineligible for any future award until this report has been submitted.

Details of applications approved by the panel will be published on our website.

Additional information

Successful organisations must:

  • be prepared to participate in publicity/awareness initiatives we organise
  • acknowledge the grant aid, together with other sources of funding, in appropriate publicity and detail how it was spent in an annual report and accounts, a copy of which should be sent to us as soon as it is published
  • ensure funding granted from the Inspiring Volunteering fund is be used for the purposes stated on the application only; if the organisation decides it wishes to spend the monies on something different, it must ask us for written permission to do so, or the grant will be withdrawn
  • not use grant funds to settle debts on behalf of the organisation, nor be used to retrospectively fund projects

We reserve the right to recall any unspent grant given to an organisation which ceases to operate during the financial year for which the grant was given and should be consulted prior to distribution of any remaining assets. Full details and accounts must be submitted to us as soon as possible.