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We'll still be providing travel support

This consultation closed at 5pm on Monday, 18 September 2017

New board to look at proposals on how pupils travel to schools and colleges

We have established an integrated transport board. The board will look at proposals and feedback from this year’s public consultation on proposed changes to the way pupils travel to schools and colleges.

The changes were due to come into effect for the September 2018 intake of pupil admissions, but the timescales are being extended to allow the new board an opportunity to give the proposals further consideration.

We're aware that any changes to the provision of travel assistance will impact on a number of families across Central Bedfordshire. By bringing together specialists from our different services, we can ensure that we are providing travel assistance that meets the needs of the service users and their families, whilst representing best value for us.

We currently provide more school transport than required to meet our statutory obligations. We transport over 5,000 children and students from home to schools or colleges each year. Over £8 million is spent on this: we need to reduce these costs. The board will consider how to make the best use of the resources available to us, ensuring the assistance offered is sustainable; contributes to the independence of our pupils and students and ensures that the correct type of assistance is available to meet the needs of the service users.

Schools and parents/carers will be updated on any changes, as well as the proposed timetable for implementation, following consideration of the feedback by the board and agreement to any changes by our Executive Committee.

Please see Appendix A (PDF 155.4KB) for more details.