Home to school / college travel assistance - consultation

Responsibilities for travel arrangements to and from school / college

This consultation closed at 5pm on Monday, 18 September 2017

Parental responsibilities

The Education (School Information) (England) Regulations 2002 means that we need to ensure that suitable travel arrangements are made, where necessary, to facilitate a child’s attendance at school. The draft policy sets out how we will help residents with children travelling between home and school / college.

However, the law states that it is the parent / carer’s responsibility to ensure that a child gets to school, including accompanying them if necessary. This includes how their child will get to school and may include making arrangements with a friend or a childminder to ensure that the child is accompanied, or submitting applications as necessary for home to school travel assistance to us. It is also the parent / carer’s responsibility to ensure the reasonable safety of themselves and their child between home and the designated pick up points.

Our responsibilities

We need to assess and make travel arrangements to enable eligible children in the area to attend their nearest qualifying school.

We must also make travel arrangements for pupils who are unable to walk to school due to their special educational need (SEN), disability or mobility problems; or because their route to school isn’t safe.

By adopting the proposed policies, we will continue to meet our legal responsibilities for eligible pupils. The draft policies also explain how we may help with travel for children who qualify for assistance as a result of specific special educational needs (SEN), disability or other mobility difficulties.