Home to school / college travel assistance - consultation

Home to school / college travel assistance consultation

This consultation closed at 5pm on Monday, 18 September 2017


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About the consultation

The Education Act 1996 and the Education and Inspections Act 2006 require us to provide home-to-school travel to those who are eligible, and also to promote sustainable modes of travel.

We support sustainable travel by requiring each school to have travel plans in place and by supporting other initiatives such as introducing road safety and Bikeability training into schools, along with provision of support for walking buses (N.B. a walking bus is an organised group of children who walk to school together accompanied by volunteer parents. There is no actual bus as such, but it is likened to one, as the group will stop at certain points to 'pick-up' and 'drop-off' children).

Where they meet certain criteria, we currently provide transport assistance to pupils of school age and those attending post-16 education.

The Home to School/College Travel Assistance Policies for Central Bedfordshire are being reviewed. As part of this, we've looked at what travel assistance we are required to provide within legislation.

This consultation sought to understand the public’s views on proposed changes to our Home to School/College Travel Assistance Policies. Responses to the consultation will help to inform the new policies before they are adopted.

Any changes to our policies would come into effect for the September 2018 intake of pupil admissions, hence we are consulting with the public now so that the outcomes are available to relevant parents and carers ahead of the next round of school admissions.

Parents and carers will therefore be in a position to understand the new policy provision before submitting their secondary upper school admissions applications by 31 October 2017, or lower / primary / middle transfer applications by 15 January 2018.