Short Break services for children and teenagers with disabilities

Short break service for children and teenagers with disabilities

Consultation closed

Consultation closed: 15 March 2017


The results of the consultation (see Appendix A) were taken into account when the decision to approve the new service design was agreed by Executive at its meeting on 10 October 2017 (link opens in new window).

About the consultation

We're reviewing the way that short break services are funded and delivered to ensure that we can continue to provide effective and high-quality services, giving choice and opportunity to children and teenagers with disabilities and their families.

We invited people to complete a survey to let us know their views on the proposed changes to funding and future design of the short break service. All feedback from the consultation will be put forward to members for further consideration.

Supporting documents

We asked people to read the brief consultation document before taking part in the survey.

Further information on the short break proposals are included below for your reference:

Additional background documents

Equality impact assessment (PDF 786.4KB)

SNAP focus group report: A review of short breaks within children’s services (PDF 611.9KB)