Pharmaceutical needs consultation

What is a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)?

This consultation closed at 5pm on Friday, 15 December 2017

The PNA allows health and wellbeing boards to identify any unmet local pharmaceutical needs and helps to identify any current and future services that may need to be commissioned.

Health and well-being boards bring together the NHS, public health, adult social care, children’s services and other partners to plan how best to meet the needs of their local population and tackle local inequalities in health.

The PNA includes information on:

  • pharmacies (chemists) and the services they currently provide, including dispensing, providing advice on health, medicines reviews and local public health services, such as stop smoking, sexual health and support for drug users
  • other pharmaceutical service providers such as dispensing GP surgeries
  • maps relating to providers of pharmaceutical services in the area
  • potential gaps in current provision that could be met by providing more pharmacy services, or through opening more pharmacies
  • any likely future needs, for example brought about from new housing development

The PNAs will be used by NHS England when making decisions on applications to open new pharmacies. As these decisions may be appealed and challenged via the courts, it is important that the PNAs are kept up to date to accurately reflects the needs of the population in local authority areas.