Parking consultation

Why produce a new parking strategy?

A well planned and managed approach to parking can help make our towns and local communities better places to live, work and visit.

As a transport authority we have a legal obligation to manage the road network appropriately, and parking is part of this.

Parking is an issue of significant concern for local residents and councillors, with members of the public often raising issues about this topic.

Unrestricted parking leads to congestion, obstruction, pollution and a lack of suitable parking spaces for those who need them the most. This causes frustration to local people who often then raise their concern with the council. It can also have a negative impact on our local economy, particularly for businesses in our towns.

Better management of parking can have a positive impact by ensuring that spaces are used efficiently and effectively. This can help make towns more attractive to visitors, and so help boost their economic income. Furthermore, having a consistent Parking Strategy can also ensure that parking in local areas can be dealt with in a fair and consistent way. Good parking decisions can also improve safety and quality of life for our residents.