Parking consultation

About our parking consultation

The majority of Central Bedfordshire residents use their cars as their main way of getting about. Cars and other vehicles are essential to many of us, for both our home lives and for work.

Central Bedfordshire households have a higher than average number of cars or vans, which is why parking is such an important issue. There were 157,000 cars or vans in Central Bedfordshire at the time of the 2011 Census, and 47% of households owned two or more vehicles (compared to 32% nationally).

So, we have been considering the current need for parking and looking ahead to understand what we will need in the future.

We are aiming to develop a comprehensive plan for:

  • how to manage on and off street parking
  • the future provision of car parks
  • our approach to enforcing the rules that control parking

Here, we explain the types of things we could consider introducing that might improve parking for our residents and visitors, while providing an affordable and cost-effective approach.