Weekly messages from the Lord-Lieutenant

March 2020

30 March 2020
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The Lord-Lieutenant's message to Bedford Hospital and Luton and Dunstable Hospital - 30 March

24 March 2020

On Monday 23 March 2020 our Prime Minister announced that we must immediately adhere to strict rules requiring us all to stay at home apart from the four exceptions he listed.

It will be a challenge to adapt to this, but we must play our part and follow the rules rigorously so that we can protect our lives, the lives of loved ones and the lives of all those who are working selflessly to help us.

We must all dig deep and find the strength to do what is right in these hard times.

Bedfordshire people are already demonstrating their compassion and ability to look after those who are alone and vulnerable. I believe that we will look back on this time, as individuals and as neighbours, and say that we rose to the challenge, that we made the sacrifices, that we showed our love for those in need and that we have built even stronger foundations which make our county a wonderful place to live.

Helen Nellis
Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire