Lord-Lieutenant's Cadets 2019-20

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire appoints her cadets for 2019-20

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire, Helen Nellis, recently appointed her Cadets for 2019/2020 at a ceremony held at Flitwick & Ampthill Sea Cadet Unit - Press release - Lord-Lieutenant Cadets 2019/2020 Commissioning Ceremony.

Elisabeth AllisonPetty Officer Cadet Elisabeth Allison - Flitwick & Ampthill Sea Cadets
Petty Officer Cadet Elisabeth Allison joined Sea Cadets when she was 11 years old and has fully embraced the Sea Cadet experience. She has achieved a large number of qualifications including Royal Yachting Association Powerboat Level 2, RYA Offshore Competent Crew, RYA Sailing Stage 2, Youth First Aid & her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze. 

POC Allison is a major team leader and player. She took part in a recent drill competition where, she along with her team, came 2nd nationally. POC Allison helped her team throughout this entire process being the senior cadet, helping the younger cadets gain this outstanding achievement. 

POC Allison has grown into an exceptional leader and key player in all aspects of Sea Cadet life at Flitwick & Ampthill. A shining role model for all those junior to her, POC Allison is always immaculate in her dress and always keen to assist junior cadets as well as her peers. 

On becoming a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet, POC Allison was ranked Leading Cadet. She subsequently gained promotion to her current rank of Petty Officer Cadet in February 2020.

Leah FloresCadet Sergeant Leah Flores - Beds & Herts Army Cadet Force
Cadet Sergeant Flores is a leader within the detachment. She embodies the values and standards expected from a senior Non-Commissioned Officer. Her commitment and attendance to detachment nights, company weekends and community events never waivers. Cadet Sergeant Flores has pushed herself to succeed and having completed three star very quickly, she has a desire to progress further, wishing to eventually become the Company Cadet Sergeant Major. As part of her three star she passed the junior cadets instructors’ course and the CIS (radio user) course.

Cadet Sergeant Flores has organised recruitment opportunities which has led to the detachment doubling in regular attendees. She is praised for her exemplary turnout and bearing, and she is considered a role model to the other cadets. 

Cadet Sergeant Flores is willing to take on additional responsibilities and tasks. Most recently she has organised the detachments’ cadets into squads giving the junior Non-Commissioned Officers responsibility of a squad. 

Ryan Harper

Fire Cadet Ryan Harper - Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service
Watch Manager Ryan Harper is in his third year of Fire Cadets at Kempston Fire Station’s Cadet Unit. Having been promoted to the rank of Crew Manager last year, Ryan impressed the instructors by constantly striving for excellence within the unit and was promoted again to the rank of Watch Manager, of which he has been an excellent role model for those who wish to follow in his footsteps.

Ryan attended The Firefighters’ Thanksgiving Service and was only one of two cadets nationally that were chosen to be a part of the Guard of Honour. Ryan has always been keen to lead by example in ensuring that he attends all social action events including Bedford River Festival and Luton Carnival, as well as drill nights for Kempston Fire Station’s Cadet Unit.

Whilst Ryan has been a Fire Cadet, he has completed his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and is currently working towards his Silver award.

Connor FosseyPolice Cadet Connor Fossey - Bedfordshire Police
Police Cadet Connor Fossey is a committed and enthusiastic cadet who has excelled at every opportunity. Connor has an excellent attendance record at training sessions and has volunteered for an impressive amount of hours on various crime prevention initiatives and community events such as Remembrance Services, charity events and cultural festivals. His participation in such events plays a vital role in the Police’s relationship with the public. Connor has a passion for helping to keep the community safe. He is hard working, respectful and works well with the public.

Harilaos KaravaggelisCadet Sergeant Harilaos Karavaggelis - Bedford School Combined Cadet Force
Cadet Sergeant Harilaos Karavaggelis has been an exemplary cadet ever since joining the Combined Cadet Force in September 2016 and has maintained the very highest standards of behaviour and turnout from the outset.

He rose to the rank of Sergeant in 2018 after completing his MOI Cadre course, in which he showed a real flair for instruction, skilfully delivering meticulously planned and constructed lessons to achieve one of the highest marks in recent years.

Cadet Sgt Karavaggelis is extremely strong academically and has approached his activities in the Combined Cadet Force with the same rigour and attention to detail. He independently devised a comprehensive, detailed and very well-thought-out training programme for the Royal Air Force section. His ability and bearing meant has was a natural choice to escort the Banner Party when the Corps was inspected by HRH The Duke of Gloucester.

Louise KeetleyCadet Warrant Officer Louise Keetley - Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire Wing ATC
Cadet Warrant Officer Keetley is a highly proactive member of the Squadron, attending a wide variety of activities and numerous camps. 

Activities undertaken by Cadet Warrant Officer Keetley through RAF Air Corps have also helped her outside of cadets gaining the position of Head Girl at School. 

During 2018, Cadet Warrant Officer Keetley led the Squadron’s Wing Field Weekend team for the first time and helped to achieve the best overall placing for the Squadron overall. She took over the management of the team in 2019. Cadet Warrant Officer Keetley is also actively involved with planning activities and training at the Squadron and has greatly contributed to the successes of the Squadron over the last year. She was a flight IC at RIAT camp in 2018, for which we received positive feedback regarding role on the camp.

Kate Travers

Cadet Sergeant Kate Travers - St John Ambulance
Lead Cadet Travers is a mature young lady and was promoted to Sergeant because of her maturity and good understanding of St John Ambulance.  Since she was nominated to be a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet earlier this year, Kate gained a subsequent promotion to Lead Cadet.

Kate helps to train the young volunteers, not only in their grand prior subject, but drill as well.  She has more recently passed her adult first aid and goes out on duties very regularly, where she assists the adults when treating casualties.

Kate gets on very well with her peers and she uses her own initiative within her scope. She has more recently, along with other cadets, organised a quiz evening as part of the fundraising towards the cadets trip to South Africa.  Kate is one of the cadets that has been given the chance to go out to South Africa, along with other cadets from the organisation.

Kate has just recently been awarded her Grand Prior which is the pinnacle award a cadet can achieve within St John. She has attended the St John Donor Awards evenings that St John organises every year.