Council spending

Financial year 2012 to 2013

ACE - People and Organisation 2012-13

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ACE March 2013 PDF (PDF 13.9KB)

ACE February 2013 PDF (PDF 12KB)

ACE January 2013 PDF (PDF 11.7KB)

ACE December 2012 PDF (PDF 11.8KB)

ACE November 2012 PDF (PDF 13KB)

ACE October 2012 PDF (PDF 14.2KB)

ACE September 2012 PDF (PDF 9.9KB)

ACE August 2012 PDF (PDF 11KB)

ACE July 2012 PDF (PDF 12.9KB)

ACE June 2012 PDF (PDF 11.3KB)

ACE May 2012 PDF (PDF 12.5KB)

ACE April 2012 PDF (PDF 13.9KB)

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ACE March 2013 CSV (CSV 43.8KB)

ACE February 2013 CSV (CSV 31.2KB)

ACE January 2013 CSV (CSV 28KB)

ACE December 2012 CSV (CSV 32.1KB)

ACE November 2012 CSV (CSV 35KB)

ACE October 2012 CSV (CSV 39.7KB)

ACE September 2012 CSV (CSV 22.8KB)

ACE August 2012 CSV (CSV 30KB)

ACE July 2012 CSV (CSV 35.4KB)

ACE June 2012 CSV (CSV 26.8KB)

ACE May 2012 CSV (CSV 32.4KB)

ACE April 2012 CSV (CSV 29.6KB)

Assistant Chief Executive – Resources

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Resources March 2013 PDF (PDF 39.9KB)

Resources February 2013 PDF (PDF 27.9KB)

Resources January 2013 PDF (PDF 28.2KB)

Resources December 2012 PDF (PDF 25KB)

Resources November 2012 PDF (PDF 30.2KB)

Resources October 2012 PDF (PDF 31.1KB)

Resources September 2012 PDF (PDF 29.7KB)

Resources August 2012 PDF (PDF 23.4KB)

Resources July 2012 PDF (PDF 32.5KB)

Resources June 2012 PDF (PDF 23.2KB)

Resources May 2012 PDF (PDF 33.5KB)

Resources April 2012 PDF (PDF 27.8KB)

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Resources March 2013 CSV (CSV 159.2KB)

Resources February 2013 CSV (CSV 102.9KB)

Resources January 2013 CSV (CSV 112.5KB)

Resources December 2012 CSV (CSV 101.9KB)

Resources November 2012 CSV (CSV 126.7KB)

Resources October 2012 CSV (CSV 132.6KB)

Resources September 2012 CSV (CSV 129.9KB)

Resources August 2012 CSV (CSV 91.5KB)

Resources July 2012 CSV (CSV 118.4KB)

Resources June 2012 CSV (CSV 72.2KB)

Resources May 2012 CSV (CSV 118.6KB)

Resources April 2012 CSV (CSV 102.1KB)

Children's Services

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Children's Services March 2013 PDF (PDF 136.1KB)

Children's Services February 2013 PDF (PDF 95.7KB)

Children's Services January 2013 PDF (PDF 138.2KB)

Children's Services December 2012 PDF (PDF 153.4KB)

Children's Services November 2012 PDF (PDF 101.8KB)

Children's Services October 2012 PDF (PDF 118.5KB)

Children's Services September 2012 PDF (PDF 50.5KB)

Children's Services August 2012 PDF (PDF 75.5KB)

Children's Services July 2012 PDF (PDF 169.6KB)

Children's Services June 2012 PDF (PDF 92.6KB)

Children's Services May 2012 PDF (PDF 173.7KB)

Children's Services April 2012 PDF (PDF 99.9KB)

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Children's Services March 2013 CSV (CSV 463.5KB)

Children's Services February 2013 CSV (CSV 391.4KB)

Children's Services January 2013 CSV (CSV 415.5KB)

Children's Services December 2012 CSV (CSV 420.9KB)

Children's Services November 2012 CSV (CSV 420.1KB)

Children's Services October 2012 CSV (CSV 382.1KB)

Children's Services September 2012 CSV (CSV 235.9KB)

Children's Services August 2012 CSV (CSV 311KB)

Children's Services July 2012 CSV (CSV 344.4KB)

Children's Services June 2012 CSV (CSV 285KB)

Children's Services May 2012 CSV (CSV 399.3KB)

Children's Services April 2012 CSV (CSV 358.7KB)

Social Care, Health and Housing

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SCHH March 2013 PDF (PDF 162.5KB)

SCHH February 2013 PDF (PDF 159.4KB)

SCHH January 2013 PDF (PDF 185.4KB)

SCHH December 2012 PDF (PDF 144.4KB)

SCHH November 2012 PDF (PDF 147.6KB)

SCHH October 2012 PDF (PDF 140.9KB)

SCHH September 2012 PDF (PDF 165.8KB)

SCHH August 2012 PDF (PDF 146.5KB)

SCHH July 2012 PDF (PDF 196.4KB)

SCHH June 2012 PDF (PDF 148KB)

SCHH May 2012 PDF (PDF 256.1KB)

SCHH April 2012 PDF (PDF 126.4KB)

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SCHH March 2013 CSV (CSV 788.5KB)

SCHH February 2013 CSV (CSV 793.5KB)

SCHH January 2013 CSV (CSV 864.2KB)

SCHH December 2012 CSV (CSV 675.8KB)

SCHH November 2012 CSV (CSV 677.7KB)

SCHH October 2012 CSV (CSV 711.4KB)

SCHH September 2012 CSV (CSV 819.6KB)

SCHH August 2012 CSV (CSV 664.9KB)

SCHH July 2012 CSV (CSV 891.6KB)

SCHH June 2012 CSV (CSV 671KB)

SCHH May 2012 CSV (CSV 1.1MB)

SCHH April 2012 CSV (CSV 635.2KB)

Sustainable Communities

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SC March 2013 PDF (PDF 162.5KB)

SC February 2013 PDF (PDF 159.4KB)

SC January 2013 PDF (PDF 185.4KB)

SC December 2012 PDF (PDF 144.4KB)

SC November 2012 PDF (PDF 147.6KB)

SC October 2012 PDF (PDF 140.9KB)

SC September 2012 PDF (PDF 165.8KB)

SC August 2012 PDF (PDF 146.5KB)

SC July 2012 PDF (PDF 196.4KB)

SC June 2012 PDF (PDF 148KB)

SC May 2012 PDF (PDF 256.1KB)

SC April 2012 PDF (PDF 126.4KB)

CSV format

SC March 2013 CSV (CSV 326.4KB)

SC February 2013 CSV (CSV 178.9KB)

SC January 2013 CSV (CSV 212KB)

SC December 2012 CSV (CSV 192.3KB)

SC November 2012 CSV (CSV 278.3KB)

SC October 2012 CSV (CSV 238.5KB)

SC September 2012 CSV (CSV 193.2KB)

SC August 2012 CSV (CSV 220.6KB)

SC July 2012 CSV (CSV 206.1KB)

SC June 2012 CSV (CSV 155.9KB)

SC May 2012 CSV (CSV 254.2KB)

SC April 2012 CSV (CSV 218.4KB)