Our Strategic Plan 2022-27

Our priorities and outcomes

Strategic plan

We will continue to deliver our services and meet our customer, resident, and community needs. As we emerge from the pandemic, and new opportunities are created, we will align our activities and resources guided by our principles and values, our priorities and by Vision 2050.

The five key priorities and outcomes that will be our focus are:

  • creating opportunities for rewarding work, to address the challenges faced by more and more of our residents in work poverty
  • delivering quality housing, to meet the growing need, including affordable housing, where needed, for our residents
  • enabling people to live their best lives, and supporting people to be independent, ensuring that we keep focused on improving health and wellbeing and supporting independent living
  • improving educational achievement and progress, to improve social mobility and the life chances for all
  • making the best use of resources, working efficiently and having the most positive impact on our residents' lives