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Waste collection – plans to clear residents' garden waste


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Our plan to clear your garden waste

We are pleased to confirm that we will be undertaking a one-off garden waste collection in October. This collection is to help clear the waste in residents' garden bins, caused by the national driver shortages.

We will collect garden waste between 18 October and 30 October. To facilitate this, food waste will not be collected during this two-week window, as collection crews are redeployed.

The two-week pause of food waste collections is required, as it will take us a fortnight to cover the whole of Central Bedfordshire’s garden waste collections – where roughly half of the properties in our region will have collections one week and half the following week.

During this two-week window, residents are asked to place their garden waste bins or two council-issued bags at the kerbside instead of their food waste bins, from 7am. This should be done on the days residents normally have their recycling collected.

To further help residents manage their waste, from Monday, 27 September, you will no longer need to book a slot at your local Household Waste Recycling Centres (tidy tips), which are open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm, including bank holidays.

What's happening with garden waste?

  • we are temporarily redeploying existing crews to attend to the build-up of garden waste
  • garden waste will be collected between 18 October and 30 October
  • food waste will not be collected during these two weeks
  • during this two-week window, place your garden waste bins or two council-issued bags at the kerbside
  • this should be done on the days you normally have your recycling collected from 7am
  • we can only collect the waste that is in resident’s garden bins or the two council-issued green waste bags
  • during this time, our supplier will record all collections on their system to ensure we visit all households for their one-off collection
  • due to the high volume of garden waste expected, we will be unable to return to collect refilled bins or additional bags
  • please only report a non-collection if your garden waste bin/bags have been missed
  • if your garden waste is not collected on your normal recycling day during the fortnight, we ask that you leave the bin/bags on the kerbside, as collections may run into following days and weekends

What to do with your food waste

  • food waste will not be collected between 18 and 30 October, as collection crews are being redeployed to collect the backlog of garden waste
  • between 18 October and 30 October, place your garden waste bins (or two bags if you have these instead) at the kerbside instead of your food waste bins
  • you will not be able to report a missed food waste collection during this two-week period
  • if you are unable to wait until for the return of food waste collections to dispose of your food waste (from 1 November), we would recommend either home composting or disposal in your household waste bin
  • vegetable/fruit food waste, tea bags and coffee grounds can be placed in home composters if it has not come into contact with meat products
  • double-bagging your food waste, during the break, can help reduce odours

What changes are happening with the tidy tips

  • you don't need to book a slot at your local Household Waste Recycling Centres (tidy tips)
  • they will be open as normal, seven days a week from 9am to 5pm
  • you'll need identification to show you're a Central Bedfordshire resident
  • permits will be required for non-commercial vans or large trailers and restricted items
  • please do not queue excessively outside the sites as they may need to close if the volume of visitors becomes too high or queuing becomes unsafe
  • as normal, all trade or business waste should be taken to Thorn Turn tidy tip – which is a paid service

Find out what can and can't be taken to the tip

What other ways are there to recycle my garden and food waste?

Residents with enough space in their gardens are encouraged to home compost.

Home composting is a good way to dispose of and reuse your garden waste. It's also a great way to help the environment and it can save you trips to the tip.

You can also buy a subsidised 220-litre compost bin through us and get it delivered to your home for as little as £16.50 (plus £5.99 delivery).

Order a compost bin

Do you hold an LGV2 driving licence?

Our waste collection partner, FCC Environment, is recruiting for LGV2 licence-holding drivers.

FCC is offering drivers:

  • a Monday to Friday working week
  • 20 days holiday plus bank holidays
  • sick pay
  • a pension scheme
  • life insurance
  • stable, secure, employment

If you hold an up-to-date LGV2 licence and want to join a committed team of key workers, get in touch today on fccjobs@fccenvironment.co.uk or call 01243 975060.

Will I get a Council Tax refund for the disruption?

Council Tax is set each year to meet our expected budget requirement. This covers a range of services from roads, buses, bins to adult social care and looking after vulnerable children. If there is a saving in one service, this is not refunded to residents, but it goes towards funding our other services that have incurred additional, unexpected, costs.

As collecting garden waste is not a legal requirement of councils, many councils have decided to charge a specific additional fee for those who want to have their garden waste collected. We do not do this; we aim to provide this service within our budget.

The suspension of garden waste collections is because we do not have enough HGV drivers. This is part of a national issue and not something we can quickly and easily fix.

It is unlikely that we will be able to resume collecting garden waste without incurring additional costs. For example, we may need to use more agency drivers which costs us more. So, whilst it might seem like no service means no cost, this isn’t going to be the case.

We know this is disappointing with many people working in the garden at this time of year.

Beware of possible scammers

Please be aware that if you receive calls or emails from a company/individual claiming we have instructed them to contact residents and arrange collections of missed garden waste (or any other waste), these are not associated with us.

Please do not share any of your personal or bank details with anyone claiming they are working on our behalf to collect your waste. Instead, report it via the GOV.UK website.