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Would you like a garden waste bin?

Order your free 240-litre garden waste bin

Garden waste bin

Our 2018 waste consultation revealed that residents wanted the option to recycle more of their garden waste.

To make this easier we are now offering a free 240-litre garden waste bin to replace the two garden waste sacks. 

Garden bins are limited to one per household.

Order your bin

If you live in the north of Central Bedfordshire (see map below) and want a new 240-litre garden waste bin, you can order one online. If you don't live in the north area, find out how to order a replacement bin.

Order garden waste bin

If you need help to order your bin, please call 0300 300 8697 (lines open Monday to Friday, 8am until 5pm).

When we'll deliver your new bin

We're aiming to get the majority of bins delivered by the end of October. It's a big job and we'll get them out as fast as we can. Please don't call, asking us to deliver your bin sooner, because we won't be able to. We'll be delivering bins in phases, based on area, so please be patient and you'll get your new bin as soon as we can get it to you.

I don't want a bin

You don't have to use a bin. You might have a small garden and don't need a full sized bin or nowhere to store a garden waste bin. That's fine, you can continue to use your garden waste sacks.

Can I use a bin and sacks?

No. You can use your new garden bin or your existing garden sacks. You can't put both out. If you leave your new bin and garden sacks out, we'll permanently remove the garden waste sacks.

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