Local Outbreak Control Plan - COVID-19

On 22 May 2020 the Government announced that, as part of its strategy to reduce COVID-19 infections, local authorities with public health responsibilities in England would be required to develop and publish a Local Outbreak Control Plan (LOCP) by the end of June 2020.

This is the latest iteration of the Central Bedfordshire COVID-19 LOCP (updated April 2021).  

The Plan is an iterative document that we will revise regularly to reflect changes in national, regional and local guidance and intelligence.

The Plan focuses on two core issues, preventing outbreaks and responding to any that might occur.

Prevention measures focus on high-risk settings and high-risk communities. The Plan details the work that has already been completed and what is currently planned. This will evolve over time.  

The response element of the Plan covers the investigation into an outbreak, appropriate infection prevention and control management, supporting testing and contact tracing. This will require multiple agencies to work together, given that these responsibilities sit across different organisations. It will also be important to coordinate public health advice and oversight of local outbreaks in conjunction with our neighbours, given that the virus does not respect local authority boundaries.

This Plan will contribute to the delivery of our objectives of preserving lives, supporting the vulnerable and protecting livelihoods and reinforces the importance of a coordinated approach across multiple agencies to achieve this on behalf of the residents of Central Bedfordshire.