Weekly COVID-19 figures for Central Bedfordshire

The weekly COVID-19 snapshot is no longer being produced.  You can check the latest information about the likely prevalence of the virus on the Office for National Statistics website.

Since 1 April 2022, most people in England are no longer able to access free COVID-19 tests and local confirmed case numbers no longer provided a useful indicator of infections in the community. As a result, we have moved away from reporting confirmed cases. Instead, we were presenting a sub-regional estimate of infection prevalence from the Office for National Statistics' National Infection Survey. The survey is based on a representative sample of households and is not affected by changes in community testing.

The Office for National Statistics has now stopped providing this estimated prevalence at anything less than the regional level, so there is very limited value in continuing to produce the weekly snapshots.

If the situation changes, this decision will be reconsidered.