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Personal budgets and personal assistants

A personal budget is funding which is allocated to an individual for the help and support they need.

Individuals can choose to take their personal budget, or part of it, as a direct cash payment, which they can spend on services, or if they wish they can choose to let the council arrange the services they require.

More information on personal budgets is in our money and benefits section.

Personal assistant

If you or your suitable person is intending to use the direct payment to employ a personal assistant to meet your care and support needs, you will assume all responsibilities of an employer, which include the following:

  • recruitment process, including Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks
  • issuing and retaining contracts of employment, timesheets, payroll records and Her Majesty‚Äôs Revenue & Customs (HMRC) correspondence for 6 years
  • compliance with all HMRC employer requirements including payment of all taxes such as Income Tax and National Insurance and pension contributions (where relevant)
  • putting in place adequate Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance
  • meeting the cost of any redundancy

The direct payment amount will be calculated so that it enables you to cover all the additional costs associated with acting as a responsible employer.