Music therapy

Music Therapy Bedfordshire

Music Therapy Bedfordshire is a team of music therapists that can provide:

  • assessment
  • individual (one to one) music therapy sessions which are client-led
  • small group music therapy sessions (4 / 5 per group)
  • reports
  • liaison with other professionals
  • advice and support to parent / carers


It is possible to refer your own child or you can ask a health / education professional to refer for you. A personal budget can be requested to buy music therapy sessions

The majority of our referrals come through the schools, so you could ask a member of the senior management team to help you fill in (link opens in new window) a referral form.


There are no limitations on the amount of time each person can access music therapy. The therapist will advise, following an initial assessment and evaluation of ongoing treatment.

For further information

Music Therapy - guide for service providers (PDF 146.2KB)

Music Therapy - guide for parents, carers and staff (PDF 136.3KB)

Music Therapy - child friendly information sheet (PDF 77.1KB)

Music Therapy - teenage friendly information sheet (PDF 62.3KB)  

Music Therapy - adult friendly information sheet (PDF 62.8KB)

Contact details

Liz Clough (Manager)

Music Therapy Bedfordshire

Tel: 07973 582 380


Website: Music Therapy Bedfordshire  (link opens in new window)

Questionnaires are used to evaluate outcomes. Typical outcomes may include:

  • raised self-esteem and confidence
  • reduction in anxiety
  • increased resilience and emotional wellbeing
  • decrease in physical tension
  • increased motivation to communicate

Music Therapy is a psychological intervention which provides a unique opportunity for your child to express themselves through sound and voice at their own unique pace.

Music Therapists are skilled at listening and responding. This therapy is suitable for all children and young people with SEND and we have experience working with a very wide range of disabilities including SEBD, very complex medical needs / MSI and severe and profound learning disabilities.

Music Therapy is non-confrontational, using music, instruments and voice to enable an improvised dialogue to be established between the therapist and the client.

Children and young people are usually keen to attend their therapy sessions.

Please note: Music Therapists are not teachers. We do not offer instrumental lessons for children and young people with SEND, this is a purely therapeutic process.

Costs and fees

A block of ten sessions would costs £600.

This includes:

  • an initial assessment
  • weekly sessions
  • liaison with other professionals
  • report writing, attendance at meetings (e.g. annual review, LAC, etc.)
  • provision of equipment and instruments

Individual Therapy: £60 per session

Group Therapy: £35 per group member per session

All fees include session preparation, report writing, clinical supervision and multi-professional liaison.

Note: there may be additional fees as appropriate, dependent on the travel time, expense, and requirement of the therapist to attend meetings.

Note: music therapy is not effective as a one-off treatment, it needs to be delivered on a regular weekly basis.