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About the Local Offer

Central Bedfordshire SEND Self-Evaluation Framework (SEF)

This self-evaluation is written to provide an overview of the current strengths and areas for development for our collective response for children with special educational needs and/or disability (SEND) across Central Bedfordshire. This includes our response to meeting the requirements of the SEND reforms and SEND Code of Practice. This SEF document was last signed off by Education, Health and Social Care on 20 September 2018:

Responses in our self-evaluation reflect six key themes as stated in our SEND Vision (PDF 909.6KB) :

  • needs identified early with the right support at the right time
  • specialist services are extending capacity across all services
  • multi-use accessible accommodation supporting learning and independence
  • joint Commissioning for better outcomes through personalisation and integration
  • local services complement the planned regional offer (STP)
  • young people are supported in their aspirations and goals in preparing for adulthood

Key professionals across Central Bedfordshire are working on a ‘SEND Action Plan’ that will identify areas of development from the SEF, who will be leading on these actions and when this will be completed by.

The SEND Action Plan will regularly reviewed by a SEND strategy group, bringing together professionals from a range of agencies and services in Central Bedfordshire. The progress against the Action Plan will be monitored at the SEND Delivery Board chaired by the Director of Children Services.

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions regarding our SEND Self-Evaluation Framework (SEF) please contact: send.feedback@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk