Other possible outcomes of the initial assessment

The other outcomes could be one of the following.

Core Assessment

If the child has complex needs, or if a child with a disability is deemed to be at significant risk of harm, the team may decide to carry out a Core Assessment. This is an in-depth detailed assessment, and family and professionals connected with the child will be involved.

The social worker will look at 3 areas: the child’s needs, the carer’s ability and capacity as a parent, and the environment and the wider support that is available to the family.

The family will receive a copy of the completed assessment and the social worker will discuss how their needs could best be met. The core assessment will be completed in 35 working days.

Care Plan

Following an Initial or Core Assessment, a meeting will be arranged with the family and relevant professionals involved with the child or family to summarise the support the family will receive and the timescales for delivery.

This plan is reviewed every 3 to 6 months, depending on the individual case, and timescales will be agreed by us. The review takes place at a child in need meeting involving relevant professionals, the care plan is reviewed to ensure it is relevant to the child, if it is not recommendations will be taken back to panel for further input and decisions. This will be explained in more detail by the social worker or social work assistant.

Carer’s Assessment

Carers’ needs will be addressed within the core assessment. However, a carer’s assessment can be carried out separately to support the family.

Many parents are used to putting their children first and so this is an opportunity to ensure that the needs of the carer are taken into account.

During the Referral and Assessment process safeguarding issues may be raised which would necessitate further investigation and may require a Strategy Meeting.

The children with disabilities team stops will inform the family and provide other sources of help and assistance wherever possible.

Please note: eligibility criteria information is in the Parent Directory, or it can be requested from the Children with Disabilities Team Duty Officer on 0300 300 8314.