Coronavirus: housing advice

How we're supporting our tenants during the coronavirus pandemic

We're taking appropriate and proportionate action to limit the spread of infection. We will help to keep our vulnerable customers safe and reduce the potential for infection to spread by limiting contact with our customers. This is all part of the government’s advice to actively promote social distancing and to minimise person-to-person contact.

Housing repairs

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have been focusing on emergency repairs and external works. We are now starting to work on non-emergency repairs, whilst observing safe social distancing guidelines.

To help minimise the risks of indoor working, we're inviting tenants to take part in a secure video call on their phone, to show a member of staff what the problem is and record the details of any equipment that may need to be replaced. This new system means we can work out what needs to be done to solve the problem, and send the right person with the right parts to do the job. It also means that we will make only one visit to the property. 

The new system will help to reduce risk, and allow us to manage supplies of personal protective clothing. Your safety, and the safety of our staff is very important to us.

Find out how to report a repair.

Independent living and sheltered housing

Due to the potential vulnerability or age of our residents, we are:

  • limiting the number of tradespeople coming into our buildings
  • increasing the cleaning of communal areas
  • carrying out emergency repairs only

We are also providing advice to our residents on staying at home, social distancing and handwashing, and are continuing to support our residents to live independently.

Out of hours calls – We are now directing our resources to our most vulnerable residents, especially those who do not have another source of support. This means that we may not be able to attend out of hours calls from other residents. Please can keyholders and next of kin remember their obligation as keyholders and keep in regular contact with their loved ones.

Paying your rent

In these difficult times, we know that many people are likely to have financial problems. Work out what financial support is available to you.

Mutual exchanges

In line with government advice, we are actively promoting social distancing and minimising person-to-person contact. We are therefore strongly discouraging tenants from exercising their right to mutual exchange at this time, unless there is an essential reason to move.

Visit GOV.UK for government advice on moving home.

Gardening services

Due to the COVID-19 - coronavirus, our gardening service has a reduced number of staff available. As a result the current service has changed as they are unable to do both grass cutting and strimming on the same day. In some areas there may be a two week gap in-between.

In some of our Independent Living Schemes, residents have requested that no gardening is undertaken during the current crisis.

Contacting us

Please use our mobile app for tenants, wherever possible. Alternatively, send an email to, or contact us online through the usual channels