Supported Lodgings for 16 to 17 year olds in Central Bedfordshire

Supported Lodgings assessment process

After your initial enquiry to become a Supported Lodgings Carer you will be sent an information pack which will provide in depth information about the Scheme.

You will then be contacted by a worker from the fostering team who will arrange an initial visit with you. This will give the worker an opportunity to meet you, assess your home environment and answer any queries you may have.

On this visit the worker will go through various forms including:

  • references
  • Disclosure Barring Service form
  • safeguarding
  • medical

You will be left an application form to complete and once this has been received by the fostering team you will be contacted within 5 working days to be advised whether the service is able to proceed with your application.

If you are not accepted on to the next process you will be given clear reasons as to why.

Once a decision has been made to proceed a worker from the fostering team will contact you to assess your suitability to become a Supported Lodgings Carer.

The assessment incudes approximately 4 visits and will explore various areas/experience you have that may help in making a decision about your approval as a Supported Lodgings Carer.

Once the assessment is completed it will be shared with you. You will then be invited to a Supported Lodgings Approval Panel, which will include you, the assessor and managers from within the service where a decision will be made regarding your approval.

Applicants will be informed verbally on the day of panel regarding the outcome of their application and a letter will then be sent confirming the decision.

Applicants who are not selected at this stage will be informed in writing and as far as confidentiality allows, offered the opportunity to discuss the issues further.

If your application is approved you will be contacted by the resource and placement duty worker when a referral is made which looks like a suitable placement match.

We will then go through an introduction process to ensure the Supported Lodgings Carer and the young person feel the placement is a good match, and then the young person can move in.

All the details of the referral and the plan for the placement will be discussed with you. If you decide to proceed a further meeting will be arranged between you, the young person, and his / her Social Worker / Personal Advisor.

You and the young person will be given time for reflection. If you both decide to proceed, then a placement agreement will be drawn up and a moving in date agreed.

Specific exclusions

We cannot accept applications from people who have criminal convictions in connection with children and young people, or other serious offences.

Interested – then contact the fostering team

If you would like further information, please fill in our online form, call the Fostering Team on 0300 300 8181 or email