Supported Lodgings for 16 to 17 year olds in Central Bedfordshire

Supported Lodgings – about the young person and their stay with you

What will the young person be like?

Like all groups of people, young people in this scheme will all be different. What they have in common is the need for a safe place to live, offering the right balance between support and freedom to enable them to develop skills for independent living.

With each young person, we will try to match their needs with your strengths.

The young people will have been in care, either in foster care or children’s home.

Others will be in a situation, where they can no longer live with their own family, possibly due to parental ill health, relationship breakdown or abuse.

It is expected that most of the young people choosing Supported Lodgings will be in work, education or training or be committed and motivated to become so.

How long will they stay with you?

This will vary according to the needs and abilities of each young person and on an assessment of their readiness to move on to independent accommodation.

For some this may be a few months, while others will need your support for a lot longer. Supported Lodgings are not intended as permanent accommodation, however, we would try to ensure that moving out is as planned and positive as moving in.

Before the young person moves in, the length of their stay and a moving on plan will be discussed. These plans can be reviewed and altered as necessary, via negotiation and discussion.

We aim to work with you to ensure that you find being a Supported Lodgings Carer is enjoyable and rewarding. If you wish to resign from the scheme we ask that you give at least one month’s notice in writing (preferably more), in order to plan the move on of any young person.

Interested – then contact the fostering team

If you would like further information, please fill in our online form, call the Fostering Team on 0300 300 8181 or email