Foster care – fostering children as a foster carer / parent

Fostering unaccompanied asylum seeking children

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When children and young people arrive in the UK they have often suffered difficult past experiences and are frightened and confused. They need people and families who can offer them a safe home where they can start to rebuild their future and make a new life for themselves.

Where are the children from?

Children tend to be from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan and Vietnam.

How old are the children that need care?

Most are teenagers aged 14 years plus but we do sometimes have children who are younger than this.

What support do they need?

They need people and families who can support them with:

  • independence skills such as using public transport, budgeting
  • orientation and practical help with finding their way around the local area
  • networking with people in their community
  • understanding the reality of what will happen next. We’ll also support you with this.
  • dealing with their difficult past experiences of negative life experiences
  • accessing education and language courses
  • accessing faith groups
  • engaging in community activities and events
  • accessing health services
  • solicitors appointments to support their asylum claim

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