Foster care – fostering children as a foster carer / parent

Fostering teenagers

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We have a significant number of teenagers who need foster carers, both teenage girls and teen boys.

If you think back, teenage years were a difficult time – filled with insecurity and no one understanding you!

Now imagine that same situation as a teenager without your family.

As a foster carer, you could offer guidance, support and a friendly ear, to help guide and support a teenager through their teenage years.

You will need to be a role model for a teenager - reliable, patient and trustworthy. Plus be strong to challenge, as they need to know where they stand.

Foster carers need to be approachable and available for teens to talk to, they need someone who will listen to them and be non-judgemental, open and honest.

Teens need help to organise their lives, deal with their feelings and have good times with friends and where appropriate, stay in touch with their family.

Foster carers need to help teens learn good practical skills they’ll need in the future, especially if they move to live independently such as cooking and managing money.

We are also looking for people with experience of working with children and young people to be part of our intensive support fostering scheme. You will be helping children and young people with challenging behaviours or complex needs. We provide extensive training and support and also provide you with a fee and an allowance for the child.

Becoming a foster carer or foster parent for the first time

If you have experience of caring for teenagers, by raising your own family, or perhaps through work then this could suit you.

If you are considering becoming a foster carer for the first time, we offer regular supervision and support to all our foster carers – it will be a challenge, but you might thrive on it.

Existing foster carers or foster parents

If you are an existing foster carer who currently fosters younger children, we can help build your skills and confidence to encourage you to consider fostering teens.

Support for foster carers

We know that regular, relevant training and support for our foster carers is essential. Building a network of support, advice and encouragement from other foster carers who have been fostering teenagers before or considering this for the first time is also really beneficial.

Fostering allowances for fostering teenagers

You’ll receive a competitive fee for your time, experience, and skills and an allowance to cover the costs of caring for a child. Find out more about foster carers support and allowances.

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