Foster care – fostering children as a foster carer / parent

Fostering a child or fostering children – brothers and sisters

A foster mother with two children

We need foster carers for children on their own but we’d also like you to consider fostering siblings.

Moving in with a foster care family can be tough for any child, but can be more distressing being split up from a brother or sister.

Keeping brothers and sisters together is vital for their long-term mental health and also gives them a feeling of stability during what can be a difficult time for everyone.

Space in your home

Foster children should have their own bedroom, though siblings can sometimes share.

Time for each child

Children have different needs at different ages. The support you give a teenager will be different from what you offer a younger foster child. You’ll need to be prepared to spend time with each child to understand their needs and how you can help them settle into your home environment.

If you feel you could care for a child or young person with challenging behaviours or complex needs, then our intensive support fostering may be for you. We provide extensive training and support and also provide you with a fee and an allowance for the child.

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